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Review of School Sports Funding 2018-2019

2018-19 Hall Orchard received £20,400 of School Sport Funding.

Increase in the participation rates in competitive sport
This year we employed a new sports apprentice who has overseen and led the participation in 32 out of school events.

9 of these were organised by the school in addition to the 23 scheduled events in the North Charnwood calendar. School organised events have included building relationships with local schools such as Highgate Primary School in Sileby and Booth Wood Primary School in Loughborough. With these two schools we have organised competitive events such as football, rounders and curling across 6 different year groups. This means we have taken 402 children off site to events and competitions. We have, for the first time, signed up to be a member of the British Dodgeball for schools association, who provided us with resource packs and official UKDBA Dodgeballs for the children to use. Mr King, a level 2 Dodgeball coach, improved the children’s understanding of the sport.

A fresh link with Barrow Town Football Club has been pursued and implemented this year, this has had a positive impact for girls football with at least 30 girls across KS2 attending weekly sessions with Barrow Town Football Club to improve their skill set. This link also provided us with two new football kits for both years 3 and 4. 

During 2018/19 afterschool clubs on offer have been at an all-time high with up to 13 different clubs a week, with most focusing on competitive sport. The profile of sport has been increased this year due to the increase in clubs on offer. However, this could be increased further with greater promotion of different clubs to the children and a focus on celebrating achievements in events that have benefited from the skills development in the clubs.
We also had specialist cricket coaching for all pupils in years 1 and 2.  We have benefitted from a “teach” cricket session in both year groups which also develops skills in literacy and maths through the sport which provided additional CPD to staff.

We have continued to teach PE following the Val Sabin scheme of work which provides a broad and balanced, progressive continuation of skills from EYFS - Year 6. As part of our inclusive Physical Education and Physical Activity across the school we have also continued with Val Sabin’s Activate programme which focuses on securing balances and repetitive movements for 10 minutes a day that can be completed whist stationary in the classroom and lend themselves to the fundamental skills that the children need to secure to help them progress throughout the Scheme of work. This has been closely monitored to ensure that all staff are contributing to this initiative and all children are having movement breaks in their day.

Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to pupils
During 2018/19, we have increased the number of afterschool clubs on offer to the children with a total number of 13 from September to June.

These clubs included; KS1 and 2 multisports, Girls football, KS1 and 2 Drama, KS1 and 2 football, Ks2 netball hockey gymnastics, dance and cricket. We found that the wide range of clubs encouraged different children to participate and try new sports and develop new skills.

Continuing with the after school clubs started in the academic year 2017/18 including dance and performing arts, a broad range of children who would not usually partake in a sports club have attended these and we have seen an increase in the number of ‘inactive children’ showing an interest in extracurricular activities. This has encouraged those who have not participated before in after school provision.

Due to the increase in clubs, we have been able to take part in 9 Inter school sports events (football, multi- skills and rounders) where the children had the specific skillset to represent the school and achieve their personal best. Out of these 9 we won 8. In addition to this we also had the opportunity to participate a curling event, a fairly new event that is trialling throughout the county.

Participation with Team Charnwood events this year has enabled us to enter pupils in over 22 Level 2 competitions including Kwik Cricket where we successfully reached the Level 3 finals in Uppingham.

Participation in Town Sports was very successful this year, with many pupils from years 4-6 competing against 19 other primary schools.  The children demonstrated their strength and resilience working as a team in the relay heats and running events. Overall we achieved 3 medals, one in the long jump and two in the girls and boys sprint races. A lower number of medals than last year however with some children who couldn’t make the event we did well to compete in most activities.  

As well as inter school competitions, we have increased the number of intra- school competitions within the PE scheme of work. There is a 6 week unit for KS2 that focuses on ‘Personal best’ and promotes friendly competition and sportsmanship. Sports day this year has also been broken down into lower and upper Key Stages to allow for greater healthy, fair and friendly competition.

The Sports apprentice played a role in continuing the professional relationships and links with local schools and clubs which allowed us to partake in additional football competitions at various locations in the area.

Increased confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport

Opportunity for staff development was offered through the School Games as well as links and CPD events with the cricket coaches from chance to shine. These allowed staff to observe experienced coaches to develop their own skills and ask questions. As a new PE-coordinator has been appointed, they have been supported with focused CPD which has been cascaded to staff and parents during staff meetings and curriculum evenings.

Observations and pupil questionnaires have been conducted throughout the year to monitor the teaching of PE, attitudes and values of staff and children. This highlighted that the children enjoy PE and have seen it valued more as a subject than previous years. 

Some staff have started using different resources to increase physical activity in the classroom, this remains an ongoing area for development.

The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement

This year we introduced a PE notice board which showcased our afterschool clubs and included pictures of the different sporting events throughout the year, integrated into this were the school games values and our LORIC family characters that are used throughout school. To promote this further next year, as well as continuing our online celebration of events through Twitter and the Orchard Oracle, we could include upcoming inter school sports events each half term to motivate more pupils than we currently do.

New activities have been introduced throughout school in afterschool clubs.

CPD for staff and parents has been cascaded from relevant training courses and has focused on the difference between Physical Education and Physical Activity.

Cross curricular links have been made throughout school entwining the values from the PE scheme, PSHE scheme, science, cookery and Activate sessions that the school cover linked to children’s understanding of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Year 6 have learnt a lot about mental well-being through the DARE programme along with KS1 benefiting from a mindfulness club during the Autumn term helping pupils to control different feelings and behaviours.

The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity- at least 30 minutes of physical activity should take place during a school day (not including PE lessons)

With the continuation of the Val Sabin scheme of work to include 10 minute daily Activate sessions, plus staff understanding the value of physical activity through professional discussions, all children are meeting the 30 minutes a day requirement. This has been tracked throughout the year with staff producing termly Heatmaps which outline the daily activity in an average week of the term. The Heatmaps encourage staff to think about making the lessons more active and inclusive for all children. Each class completed the Daily Mile during sports week which was enjoyed by both teachers and children.

Inclusive Physical Education

During the course of the year, both the PE- Coordinator and the sports apprentice have attended a number of courses and meetings that have highlighted the importance of inclusive Physical Education, training has been cascaded to relevant staff members.  We have continued to provide all-inclusive sports activities for all pupils. The continuation of non-competitive extracurricular clubs has helped increase participation.

During the year we ran ‘smart movers’ sessions for SEND children who struggled with gross and fine motor control. In addition to this we also offered Yoga sessions to identified children in KS2 with mobility and emotional needs. These new groups and improvements have been made possible with the extension of our school hall and the purchase of new equipment.  

Improved partnership work on Physical Education with other schools including local partners

Through the development links made with School Games schools, we have been able to develop inter school sport and have attended far more events than the previous year (31). We have continued our relationship with Loughborough University and other local schools which enabled us to send representatives to the Town Sports Athletics event and to make links with other local schools.

Greater awareness amongst pupils of the dangers that undermine health, including obesity and smoking

There has been a review of the PE scheme of work being taught this academic year, ensuring that all curriculum objectives and outcomes are met and built upon each year for clear progression. In each year group there is one unit that focuses on changes in the body and why we feel different when exercising/ not exercising. This then links to PHSE and IPC science topics throughout the school looking at; health, feelings, and making the right choices. Y6 cover this in greater depth with the DARE project and present to their parents what they have learnt. PHSE planning and books are monitored to make sure that the children are being exposed to information about a healthy lifestyle.