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Remote Learning Offer

Learning Platform

All lessons and activities are accessed through our school Virtual Learning Environment.

 Fronter login page (


  •  Timetables follow pupils in-school timetable wherever possible.

Lesson Content

  • Activities and lessons provided for pupils are, wherever possible, the same as would have been provided had the children been in school. Work continues to follow our whole school curriculum in all subjects (long and medium term plans).
  • Work on the VLE provides at least 3 hours learning per day in KS1 and 4 hours in KS2.
  • Pupils are able to upload their work using the ‘Assignment’ tool for teacher feedback. Pupils can upload work either in Word, PowerPoint etc. or by taking a photograph.
  • Rewards e.g. HOPS points are used to motivate and engage pupils.
  • Oak Academy video lessons may also be used to support our year group planning.

Feedback and Marking

  • Deadline for completion of work is no more than 48 hours. This allows all pupils, regardless of family arrangements, to complete work around their own circumstances. If work is handed in late, it will not be marked.
  • The level of feedback given is, wherever possible, in line with the level of feedback that would be given if the children were in school. Examples of this include:
    • Where pupils would have self/peer marked, answer sheets or self-marking activities are provided.
    • For extended pieces of work, teachers may provide individual written feedback, annotated work or voice recorded feedback to set next steps or address misconceptions.

Teacher communication with parents

  • Parents with any questions or concerns regarding their child’s work or have general concerns about their child should email the teacher directly. Emails will be answered within 48 hours.
  • For any administration enquiries, parents should email the school reception.

Senior leader responsible for remote learning: Nadine Roodhouse.