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Review of School Sports Funding 2019-2020

Maintain participation rates in competitive sport, with no sports coach/apprentice:

With the current situation, the participation rates in competitive sports have not matched or exceeded last year’s rates. However, we were on track to maintaining the participation rates with last academic year, and this was evident as we had already participated in 19 events up until the end of February and were due to enter another 15 events after February up until the summer, which included events like town sports and tennis. The events were mainly overseen and led by former PE coach now cover supervisor for the school and the PE coordinator. This allowed for around 90 KS2 pupils to participate in a competitive sporting event, which would have doubled by the end of the year, with the many opportunities that arise in the summer, athletics, netball and many other sports. However, maintaining participation rates for KS1 pupils was very difficult, there were less opportunities for off-site events for KS1 and the events on offer were during the school day, which proved difficult to attend, with limited staff available and parents/carers unable to transport in the middle of the day.

Up until March we had 12 different after school clubs running, with this figure expected to have doubled by the end of the year. The after school clubs on offer were varied, to offer a wider range of sports. This included a girl’s get active club, a racket sports club and others, which worked alongside the typical football and netball clubs. In addition to this we had external coaches for sports such as tennis and dance, which were delivered across the school, including foundation stage, throughout the school day.

Participating in the Key Stage 2 cross country league this year proved to be very popular, as 36 children attended all three races, each on Saturdays even in the harsh winter conditions. We had some great feedback from parents and this event is something that we hope to repeat next year with even higher participation rates. Our achievements in events this year were very positive, considering the sporting year was cut short. The Year 6 football team had a great year, winning the North Charnwood competition, which saw them advance to the finals competition on a Saturday, against other Charnwood champions in Leicester. The team only lost one game in the league we entered this year. We hope to continue this success onto next year’s team. As well as this, both the Year 3/4 and 5/6 hockey team made it to the finals competition at the North Charnwood event, which was a great achievement. This was helped by delivering a KS2 hockey club to prepare. We again hope to deliver more clubs next year that will prepare children for the events prior attending them.

As a school we have continued to teach PE following the Val Sabin scheme of work which provides a broad and balanced, progressive continuation of skills throughout EYFS- Year 6. As part of our inclusive Physical Education and Physical Activity across the school we have also continued with Val Sabin’s Activate programme which focuses on securing balances and repetitive movements for 10 minutes a day that can be completed whist stationary in the classroom and lend themselves to the fundamental skills that the children need to secure to help them progress throughout the Scheme of work. This has been closely monitored to ensure that all staff are contributing to this initiative and all children are having movement breaks in their day. Also some classes (KS2) incorporated the Active in 5 initiative that was picked up from the “level 5 specialism in primary sport course” that both Miss Dalby and Mr Harris have obtained now. This initiative is a more physically active alternative to Activate, which allows children to work on their cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance in a classroom based setting.

Maintain a broad range of inclusive extracurricular clubs available to all children:

This year we were set to increase the amount of after school clubs, this was apparent as we already had 12 different clubs up until March. This would have increased to around 20 by the end of summer, which is an increase from last year’s 13 different clubs across the year. The clubs on offer ranged from, racket sports, dance, multi skills, football etc. This year we implemented the girls get active initiative, into a after school club exclusively for KS2 girls, this was an attempt to increase participation of girls at our school and give them opportunity to experience a broad range of sporting activities, such as cheer leading, circuit training and hockey. This proved to be a great success as all the girls involved loved the club and enjoyed being able to choose the sports they wanted to do each session and by the end the difference in their confidence was evident.

Also we have tried to increase clubs on offer for KS1, as there weren’t many events available for them. The clubs on offer ranged from, performing arts to football. The multi skills club for KS1 allowed the children the opportunity to explore a range of skills and experience more inclusive sports, for example, curling and basketball and other sports that the children may not experience during their PE lessons.

The introduction of the Jumpstart sessions for foundation stage was a great addition to our inclusive extra-curricular clubs. Jumpstart are an external company who specialise in dance and physical theatre. The reception children developed their understanding of popular children’s books, through dance related activities. This not only allowed the children the opportunity to develop their fundamental movement but also the chance to develop their confidence when performing in front of a small groups, which is very beneficial to the children at such a young age. Unfortunately the children were unable to perform at the Loughborough Town Hall because of COVID-19.

At the start of the year a ‘SMART movers’ group was set up for our KS2 SEND pupils. This group was delivered on a weekly basis, by one of our LSA’s (Rebecca Mills), on a Monday morning. This group was a great start to the week for our KS2 pupils, as this had a positive impact on their learning when they were brought back to class, more focused for their classroom learning. Also the focus of the sessions were to not only improve the children’s fundamental skills, such as balance and co-ordination, but also to encourage the children’s social skills, by incorporating team challenges and sports that involve working in a groups, which helped boost their communication and leadership skills.

Increased skills of staff teaching PE:

Throughout the year there have been various opportunities for staff teaching PE to enhance their skills. Mr Harris has completed his Level 5 in primary school PE specialism this year, where he spent 3 days at Loughborough University attending specific sessions related to primary PE and was due to attend another 2 sessions between March and July (which have now been completed online). This is something that he has found very beneficial and it has helped him in many ways this year. One key benefit was the specific gymnastics training, which increased Mr Harris’s confidence and knowledge when teaching gymnastics to all KS2 classes. Another benefit was the introduction of the Active in 5 initiative. Mr Harris then brought this initiative back to the school and delivered it to the whole school, in lessons and also in the Sport Relief assembly. This meant that most teachers had the chance to see how the active in 5 should be delivered and stimulated ideas for them to do it themselves in their own classrooms as an addition to Activate. The course has also developed Mr Harris’ competence in assessment for learning, after school club ideas and more knowledge in specific schemes of work, like dance.

Regular observations took place throughout the year, to ensure that the quality of teaching in PE was consistent across the whole school. In these observations staff were, given suggestions on how they could improve their delivery of PE, in line with the Val Sabin scheme of work we follow. This is another example of CPD for staff when delivering PE.

Also some staff members used the opportunity to team teach with Mr Harris, so they could watch and take ideas from his PE lessons. This proved to be very positive for these teachers, who expressed how beneficial it was for them, and how it made them feel more confident when delivering PE themselves. Similarly, Mrs Baines’ (qualified gymnastics instructor) knowledge and expertise were used to boost teachers’ confidence when teaching the gymnastics scheme of work. She delivered gymnastics sessions to some teachers and answered any questions that teachers had about delivering gymnastics. We hope to continue this next year to ensure all staff feel comfortable to deliver all areas of PE aiding progression each year.

The profile of PE being raised further with the promotion and celebration of clubs and achievements:

Clubs and achievements have been celebrated greatly this year online and in school. This has had a really positive impact on the children. By celebrating their achievements, it motivates the children and makes them feel a sense of self achievement, and it also encourages other children to participate. We have celebrated the children’s sporting achievements in many ways. One way we did this was via our assemblies. We would hand out certificates/medals in assembly to the children who had participated in recent events and celebrated their achievements to the rest of the school. Also we would use assemblies to promote upcoming events and after school clubs, in the hope to encourage other children to participate.

The PE notice board was updated this year and used in many different ways. The termly after school club schedule is on the board to help promote the clubs and inform the children on what’s available each term. Also pictures of the children in recent events are placed on the board, to acknowledge what specific events they have been involved in. The School Games Values are placed on the notice board to promote these values and ensure the children are aware of the values when they attend the School Games competitions. In addition to this beside the notice board we have placed some certificates of our specific achievements, such as, spirit of the games award and our sports mark award.

We have continued to use our school social media account (Twitter) to post updates on sporting achievements in events and to showcase what the children do in after school clubs. Also parents/guardians are still notified via email/letters on the upcoming after school clubs and events.

The introduction of a Sports Council, has helped promote and drive our after school clubs in the right direction. The sports council is made up of representatives from each KS2 class, which act as the pupil voice for each class. One of their many jobs is to help stimulate ideas on how to improve and promote PE in our school environment, they do this by suggesting ideas on what after school clubs to deliver and help promote these to their classes. Moreover they have delivered small activities across all year groups, at lunchtime, to help promote PE at our school. We hope to continue this next year.

In the last session of the drama and performing art clubs, parents/guardians were invited to come and watch their children. This granted the children the opportunity to showcase their performances and achievements, from their time spent at the after school club. This was a great experience for the children to boost their confidence, as they get more used to performing in front of an audience. Likewise a nice opportunity for the parents to see what the children had achieved throughout their time at the after school clubs. We received some great feedback from parents, which was very positive, this is something we would like to try and do more of in the future.

There have been no parent workshops about the benefits of sport and PE this year due to COVID-19, however I think that gauging the interest in this and planning from that would be beneficial to both parents and children. Cross-curricular links have been made throughout school entwining the values from the PE scheme, PSHE scheme, cookery and Activate sessions to ensure that children understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Children have learnt a lot about mental well-being through weekly PSHE lessons along with KS1 benefiting from a mindfulness club during the autumn term that helped them to control different feelings and behaviours.

Linking PE and Physical Activity with our school values and LORIC- embedding Physical Activity into our daily schedule

This year we had a specific day dedicated to Sport Relief. The children came into school in their sportswear and took part in sports related activities throughout the day, these activities linked into our school values and the school games values. Each class participated in the daily mile to work on their resilience, and some children really pushed themselves to do the mile as quickly as they could. We had a Sport Relief assembly which was led by Miss Dalby/Mr Harris and the help of the Sports Captains. Children were invited to take part in small challenges and our LORIC values were embedded into the whole assembly. The Sports Captains ran small activities at lunch time for both KS1 and KS2, developing and demonstrating their leadership and communication. Overall the day was great success and children seemed to love being active and participating in lots of sporting activities, this is something that we hope to do again in the future.

Our Notice board demonstrates how important the LORIC characters are when participating in sport. All characters are on the notice board, reminding the children that these should all be imbedded into their PE lessons as well as their academic lessons. The board has the School Games values on, which are very important when we enter our school games competitions. We have followed these values well at events this year, as we have won the Spirit of the Games award twice, which is awarded to the team that shows the most respect, enthusiasm and resilience at an event. This is very positive as in previous years we have not been presented with this award.

The profile of Physical Education and Physical Activity in the school have been increased with the introduction of Sports Captains/Leaders in each Key Stage 2 class, who had to apply for the position which was celebrated in school. There were various plans in place for the Summer term with sports week and sports day that could not go ahead, this would have put a focus on physical activity throughout lessons especially during this week. There have been online challenges set for the children to access through the VLE and complete from home. In addition to this we continues to produce heat maps each term for each year group to monitor the levels of activity throughout the school.

Improved partnership with other schools

This year we entered a football league with seven other local schools. Each week we had a fixture against one of the schools, which were organised through Mr Harris and the coaches at the other schools. This allowed us to create and develop partnerships with other schools, and led to extra friendly games, which were planned to take place, but couldn’t happen due to the current situation. We were due to host matches too, which we did not get the chance to do. However this was a great way of creating links with local schools, and we endeavour to maintain these links and enter the netball league next year. Now we have built up partnerships with local schools, we hope to build upon these and organise more local friendlies in different sports.

PSHE/DT/PE/Science links (mindfulness)

Each year group had a PSHE/DT/mindfulness element planned into their curriculum to ensure that children had an insight into healthy eating and effects on the body through PSHE/DT and science. – this has been explicit in each year group through their tailored IPC units or was planned to be taught at some point in the Spring or Summer terms.