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School Sports Funding 2020-2021

Areas of Focus



Maintain Participation rates in competitive sport with no sports coach/ apprentice 

Renewed subscription to School Sports Trust

Renewed subscription to the Charnwood School Sports Partnership

Continuation of cross country participation as this was highly subscribed

Continue Val Sabin scheme and activate

Sports Cover Supervisor employed until 5pm to accompany pupils to sporting events.

Ensure that Hall Orchard take part in Team Charnwood organised events.

Develop cross country in KS2.

Ensure that children complete both morning and afternoon activate daily and that teachers are familiar with PE Scheme of Work


Maintain a broad range of inclusive extracurricular clubs available to all children

Regularly promote all clubs to the children

Run clubs based on the ‘pupil voice’

Participation in Town Sports event at Loughborough University

To maintain the amount of intra competitions promoting a healthy competitive attitude

To maintain links with local schools and clubs

Parent workshops- importance of physical activity

Promotion of clubs through the Orchard Oracle, school notice board and new sports leaders

Continue to support Hall Orchard participation in the Loughborough Town Sports competition- run heats to ensure that children have enough practise for the event

Introduction of parent workshops in line with DT/PSHE co-ordinators to promote healthy eating and exercise. 


Continuation of the profile of PE being raised further with the promotion and celebration of clubs and achievements

Sports leaders at lunchtime

School sports council to provide a pupil voice

Competition board and achievements on the noticeboard

Celebration of participation in assembly

Introduction of sports leaders who can form a school sports council, meeting once a half term to discuss childrens’ voice and progression.

Continue to link PE and Physical Activity with our school values and LORIC- embedding PA into our daily schedule

Increase the profile of physical activity and ensure that both staff and children see the difference between physical activity and physical exercise

Introduction of lunchtime games through sports leaders and the value of active lessons

Review of heatmaps across the school to identify areas where physical activity can be increased

Improved partnership with other schools

Hosting comps/ arranging these at other venues

Working with other schools to attend and host events that are not linked to Team Charnwood

PSHE/DT/PE/Science links (mindfulness)

Ensure that each year group has a focus on healthy eating and effects on the body through PSHE/DT and science.

Working together with DT/Science/PSHE co-ordinators to ensure that all children are getting coverage