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School Sports Funding 2023-24 Action Plan

Area of focus



Raise the profile of PE throughout the school community.

Regular sports and achievement assemblies for both KS1 and 2

Focus on North Charnwood events, clubs and PE in school

Offer external events to parents and children (Such as the Prestwold Hall cross country)

Continue 10 minutes of daily activity in each classroom

Ensure 2 hours of PE weekly for each class

Ensure that Hall Orchard take part in Team Charnwood organised events.

Encourage participation for cross country in KS2 in the Autumn term.

Ensure that children complete both morning and/ or afternoon 10 minute activity and that teachers are familiar with PE Scheme of Work

Maintain and try to increase participation rates for inter school competitions through our subscription to Charnwood School Sports Partnership and consistent staff to support.


Renewed subscription to the Charnwood School Sports Partnership

Consult the events calendar before offering clubs for each half term to gauge interest and ability amongst the children

Offer all children the chance to express their interest for an inter school competition through regular updates and assemblies

Promotion of events through the Orchard Oracle, school notice board and assemblies

Practice sessions for events after a team has been chosen

Encourage the school community to join inclusive extracurricular clubs

Promotion of clubs to the children as well as parents – Via assemblies/ on sports notice board/ a more interactive format than parent mail.

Add in benefits of extracurricular clubs.

Promotion of clubs through the Orchard Oracle, Parent mail, school notice board and regular assemblies

Staff CPD

Ensure that all staff are confident to teach the PE scheme of work, offering CPD opportunities throughout the year to gauge confidence and where gaps may lie in order to plan effective and relevant training

Regular monitoring and opportunity to develop staff skills


To develop as a ‘Healthy school’

With help from PSHE / Science leads, to raise the profile of Healthy Eating, Physical exercise and positive mental health.  Encourage children to bring healthy snacks to school


Review of heatmaps across the school to identify areas where physical activity can be increased

Liaise with PSHE / Science leads on a regular basis in a cycle of review / plan/ do / review.