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Year 2

Your child’s online safety education this year
Teaching online safety is vital to help keep our children safe as they navigate their digital world. In order to keep your child up-to-date on the most important parts of online safety, this year, your child’s class will have a specific e-safety lesson at the beginning of each term. We have created a series of lessons that will take a variety of forms. The first lesson is based on the book The Internet is Like a Puddle by Shona Innes. Another comes as part of our KAPOW PSHE scheme of work. For the others, your child’s class will be studying a unit of work based on Jessie and Friends, an animated series about online safety produced by Thinkuknow.

Thinkuknow is an award-winning education programme from the National Crime Agency’s child protection command, CEOP. It aims to keep children safe from abuse, both online and off.

Thinkuknow education resources are age-appropriate, non-scaremongering, and give children the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to stay safe online. They are used by over three and a half million children across the UK each year.

About Jessie and Friends
Jessie & Friends is a series of three animations that follow the adventures of Jessie, Tia and Mo as they begin to navigate the online world, watching videos, sharing pictures and playing games. There’s also a storybook for each episode, to help you and your child keep the conversation going.
The key message throughout Jessie and Friends is that if a child is ever worried by anything online, they should tell a grown-up they trust, who will help them.

How you can get involved
You can find more information and watch the three animations here
It is a great idea for you to watch each episode with your child after they have viewed it in class (to avoid spoiling any surprises!) and to have conversations with them about the subjects covered. To help you do so, please find below the CEOP Education 4-7s Website Guide for parents and carers with:

  • Ideas for starting conversations about online safety with your child
  • Links to more advice and support on how to keep your child safe online
  • Information about how to get help if you are worried about your child

You will also find plenty of advice and support about keeping your child safe online at the Thinkuknow Parents and Carers Website: