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Year 6 Spring 2


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Measurement 3

3D shapes – nets and surface area

Measurement 4

Volume and scaling

Geometry 3

Transformations in the four quadrants




Non-fiction - Anne Frank ‘The Diary of A Young Girl’

Read entries up to Saturday 5th July 1942, examining features of a diary, particularly, the confessional, confidential tone that Anne adopts.  Ari Folman and David Polonksy graphic novel adaptation of the above is also examined, particularly in relation to how the artist depicts Anne’s dreams and fantasies. George Stevens’ 1959 film adaptation ‘The diary of Anne Frank’ is also viewed as a comparison. The children also consider how we use our inference skills to ‘read’ a film text.

Grammar focus:

Revising word classes; sentence types; the distinction between phrases and clauses; modal verbs; colons to introduce lists; semi colons to separate list items in a complex list; comma to indicate direct address

Write a diary entry.

Write a diary as Anne Frank, either from July 1942, describing their first few days in hiding, or from November of that year, showing how relationships between the members of the secret Annex might have changed.

Finished diaries will also be recreated as video diaries or podcasts.


Design and Technology

E Safety




World of sport/ Mix and match

Explore, improvise and combine movement ideas fluently and effectively. Perform alone and in tandem with clear intention and meaning. Understand and value the contributions that dance makes to different cultures.